The quality of each good work will always be characteristic of a Tintem work. Since 1997, we have been recognized as the industry leader specializing in all kinds of window tinting.

Do you want to know more about us?

Wherever someone needs a job with a degree of excellence there will be Tintem.

Brand Guidelines

We are transparent to you, as we know you like what you see and explore all the resources of our brand.

Tintem Logo

The Tintem logo is composed of shapes that want to convey a message, you need an ally and you need the best.

Alternative and negative version

We show ourselves on any surface and texture no matter the combination, that’s why we have more than one version of our logo.

Social Icons

The social network icon is the way to show us to the world and for everyone to recognize that it is Tintem, wherever we are it represents the strength of our logo.

Download all of our Brand Resources.

From the official Logo to alternative and negative version and the social icons, these templates and tools will help you represent our brand to the world.